Jeff Greene
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Jeff Greene

Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Living... in a large house in Westside Los Angeles with his wife, Susie, daughter, Sammi, and German Shepherd, Oscar. Jeff’s career success has enabled his family to live well in a coveted L.A. neighborhood.

Profession... talent manager. Jeff has multiple clients, but his friendship with his longtime top client Larry David basically serves as his full-time job. Jeff’s days appear to be filled more with problem-solving and personal counseling for Larry than managing anybody’s career.

Interests... golf at his country club. Jeff can often be found on the course with Larry and other friends. He enjoys the relaxation of the game and the rare time he gets to spend away from his demanding wife and time-consuming family.

Relationship Status... married to Susie, but “happily married” would be a stretch. Jeff is constantly belittled by his wife, often in public and not infrequently completely unprovoked. He seems to be at her mercy based on statements such as, "I let my wife know before I go anywhere." Though that attitude may also arise from trying to avoid confrontation with the hyper-argumentative Susie rather than work through their issues. And in fairness to Susie, Jeff is far from the most attentive – or faithful – husband.

Challenge... finding a balance between managing the turbulence in his own life and Larry's. The problems in Jeff's life (marital or otherwise) are often exacerbated by Larry's involvement, or by Jeff's lack of involvement because he’s so focused on Larry. The two friends are extremely close and act as each other's confidants, but sometimes this closeness does more harm than good.

Personality... loyal – at least to Larry. But his moral compass is definitely a bit askew. His constant scheming with Larry and frequent adulterous behavior makes Susie's abuse seem not completely unwarranted. But still, you have to feel sorry for him when his relaxation is interrupted by his wife yelling, "Get up off your fat ass and let's take a walk! It'll be romantic!"

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