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Jeeves and Wooster

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Grew Up… in a long line of butlers and valets. Jeeves has three aunts and an uncle, Charlie, who all serve as man- and maid-servants of some kind. As a result, Jeeves spent his childhood surrounded by wealthy aristocrats and the people who serve them, an upbringing that has made him a student of human nature and a shrewd problem-solver.

Living… in London, serving young Bertram Wooster. From the time Bertie gets up to near the time he goes to bed, Jeeves is constantly with him, waiting on him and making sure Bertie doesn’t get into too much trouble.

Profession… valet.Or as Jeeves describes it, a “gentleman’s personal gentleman.” While this position would normally include run-of-the-mill assistance like sending telegrams, Bertie is no usual gentleman and Jeeves is no usual manservant. Regularly going above and beyond the call of duty, Jeeves handles the life and affairs of his employer entirely, doing everything from getting Bertie out of social engagements to procuring much-needed hangover remedies.

Interests… poetry, science, history, geography, politics, and literature. Jeeves is a learned man, frequently reading the collected works of Spinoza and various fathers of Russian literature in his spare time. When he isn’t getting Bertie out of a bind, he likes to relax with “an improving book” or sit down with friends at the Junior Ganymede Club, a London club for butlers and valets.

Relationship Status… unknown. Jeeves is a fiercely private individual, rarely talking about himself or his own love life.

Challenge… keeping Bertie Wooster out of trouble. Bertie is often harried by friends and relatives, getting him engaged or into legal disputes. Since the scatterbrained Bertie is constantly in over his head, Jeeves’ services are absolutely necessary. Jeeves takes quiet pleasure in his work, needing no recognition for his efforts or his clever problem-solving skills. If he can get Bertie out of a bind, he can relax at the end of the day with a clean conscience.

Personality… clever, resourceful, and discrete. More of a proper gentleman than his employer, Jeeves keeps the more excitable Bertie in line. That include Bertie's wardrobe. If Jeeves sees something he doesn't approve of, he will not hesitate to remove it, all the while telling his employer, “I assumed it had got into your wardrobe by mistake, sir, or else that it has been placed there by your enemies.”

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