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I Dream of Jeannie

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Living… in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Jeannie met Tony on an island in the South Pacific – albeit, while she was in a bottle. Once Tony rubbed the bottle, she emerged and granted him his wish – that she speak English. After getting acquainted, Jeannie hoped to accompany Tony back to Cocoa Beach, but Tony knew he’d be laughed out of town. Jeannie had no choice but to sneak over with Tony by going back into the bottle. They’ve been living together ever since.

Profession… genie. Jeannie was born without any powers, but after Blue Djinn tried to marry her and she refused, he turned her into a genie. She was trapped in a bottle for 2,000 years. After Tony released her, she made it her top priority to be the perfect American housewife. She has to learn everything from scratch – from speech to social relations.

Interests… getting closer to Tony. She’s even considered joining the Air Force, where he works. Jeannie will often follow Tony to important meetings, or disappear for days on end. Jeannie will sometimes blatantly sabotage his career, like when he gets a chance to walk in outer space and has to take medical tests for approval. Jeannie, unable to stand the thought of her husband in space, sabotages the test. So, she’s either granting all of his wishes, or ruining his life.

Relationship Status… committed completely. Since the moment that Tony released her from her bottle, Jeannie has been completely in love with him. She wants to grant his every wish and make him happy, as long as that means that she can stay near him.

Challenge… adapting to life as a regular person and keeping her powers secret. Jeannie wants to use her genie powers for good, but if she’s found out, it could have disastrous consequences.

Personality… loyal yet mischievous. Jeannie is extremely devoted to Tony but can be quite stubborn and needy. She’s grateful to Tony because he quite literally set her free, saying “Thou hast set me free. That means that I am free to please thee.”  But that can easily turn into vengefulness: “Thou deceived me. I should turn thee into a serpent with two heads!” Be careful what you wish for!

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