Jax Teller

Jax Teller

    Sons of Anarchy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… surrounded by outlaw bikers in Charming, California. Jax’s father is John Teller, the founder and first president of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (SAMCRO). His mother is Gemma Teller-Morrow, the resident “queen” of SAMCRO. When Jax was 15 his father was hit by a semi-truck and killed, prompting his mother to remarry Clay Morrow, the new president of SAMCRO.

Living… dangerously. Jax just moved into the SAMCRO clubhouse after separating from his pregnant wife, Wendy, for the second time. The clubhouse shares space with the Teller-Morrow Auto Shop, and is the frequent site for the club’s more debauched behavior.

Profession… officially, a mechanic in the Teller-Morrow Auto Shop. But his larger responsibilities come as vice-president of SAMCRO, which does a lot more than fix cars. The Sons spend most of their time running one of the most profitable arms trafficking businesses on the west coast – an arrangement made possible by their ties to the Irish Republican Army (IRA). But for Jax, life in SAMCRO is about more than the money and perks. The Sons are his father’s legacy, and have been a part of Jax’s life since the moment he was born. For him, SAMCRO isn’t just a club – it’s a family.

Interests… motorcycles, beautiful women, and deep introspection. While Jax seems to enjoy the rock-and-roll lifestyle embraced by most motorcycle clubs, he’s beginning to want more out of life. His tough exterior hides a philosophical and introspective young man, who has a deep desire to do good for the people and world around him.

Relationship status… separated, but not divorced. Jax is married to Wendy Case, but he’s already left her twice. First, because she was unable to overcome her meth addiction; then again when she became pregnant and he wasn’t ready to be a father. Jax enjoys plenty of one-night stands, but ultimately finds them unsatisfying. His high-school sweetheart Tara Knowles just moved back to town, and Jax seems to be yearning for a more mature, responsible relationship than the one he built with Wendy. But it remains to be seen whether his adolescent infatuation can translate into something real, and whether the law-abiding Dr. Knowles can live with Jax’s outlaw lifestyle.

Challenge… keeping himself and everyone else in the club above ground and out of prison. The Sons are well-loved within Charming, but they have no shortage of enemies outside of it. Cops, feds, and rival gangs are all looking to take the Sons down. On top of managing constant deadly threats, Jax is beginning to doubt the direction of SAMCRO. He’s uncomfortable with the level of violence used by the Sons in order to accomplish their goals, and worries that SAMCRO has been twisted from an outlaw brotherhood into a bloody business. Finding the right balance between loyalty to the club and adherence to his own principles is difficult. In his own words, “Every time I think maybe I'm headin' in the right direction, I end up in a place I never even knew could feel this bad.”

Personality… stubborn, brave, and a natural leader. He is the most introspective member of the Sons of Anarchy, and tries to follow a complex set of principles that correspond to his father’s ideals of a “perfect” outlaw. Depending on the situation, he can be cool and collected or vengeful and wrathful. Despite his occasional violence and criminal ties, Jax longs to be a good man, and feels an incredibly deep sense of loyalty and responsibility to his friends and family. His impending fatherhood is beginning to heighten this sense of restless responsibility, and Jax finds himself increasingly trying to blaze a new path for himself and the motorcycle club he loves so much.


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