Javier Rodriguez
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Javier Rodriguez


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About Him

Grew Up… training to be a police officer. That arguably isn’t very difficult in Mexico City, where there seem to be way more corrupt cops than straight ones.

Living… during a drug war. Javier is caught in the middle of the cartels and the right side of the law. He knows how to survive on the streets without breaking his own moral code. He (generally) abides by the laws, but he understands that the laws of Mexico City aren’t always black and white. His partner Manolo Sanchez shares his sensibility. But when the two of them bust a drug transport car, a high-ranking Mexican general intervenes and suggests they let this one go. Javier isn’t about to disobey a general, but if he’s ever given an opportunity to truly take the cartels down, he won’t hesitate.

Profession… police officer. Javier is there to protect and serve, but sometimes that service isn’t what you’d expect from an officer of the law. When American tourists complain that someone has stolen their car, Javier gives them a number and says, “You gonna call this man. And he’ll find your car for you.”

Interests… wearing sunglasses, and “little birds” without names who give him information

Relationship Status… single. Javier is a working man who doesn’t really have time for a relationship or children.

Challenge… remaining true to his sense of justice. He wants to do the right thing. But as long as he is living by the street code, under the jurisdiction of the general and the cartels, there’s no way he can do what’s truly best for everyone. There are so many conflicting loyalties and interests that someone is going to get burned. Javier wants to make sure that won’t be him.

Personality… sly, sarcastic, and mysterious. Javier never gives anyone all the information. Even when he talks with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), he’s keeping some of his tricks up his sleeve. His ultimate allegiance is to himself and to his partner Manolo, and that’s it.

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