Jasper Jordan

Jasper Jordan

    The 100
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the agricultural facility of the Ark space station with his best friend Monty Green. Jasper and Monty were sent to the juvenile lockup after stealing herbs from the Ark garden in order to produce illegal pharmaceutical substances.

Living… with 100 “expendable” juvenile delinquents sent down to a post-nuclear war Earth to see if it might be livable again. Unlike some of the more hardened criminals among the Delinquents, Jasper is far more sensitive and optimistic.

Interests… hanging out with Monty, attempting to impress the beautiful and wild Octavia Blake, and sharp-shooting.

Relationship Status… single, unfortunately. He has the biggest crush on the Octavia, but as Monty notes, Jasper doesn’t have much “game.”

Challenge… making it through the night. Jasper was recently attacked by mysterious assailants and left for dead. He needs time to recover, but the Delinquents are getting impatient.

Personality… enthusiastic, awkward, and uncool despite his best efforts. Jasper is very intelligent, but he’s prone to messing up. As he chants, “Everything’s O.K. Everything’s O.K. Everything’s – not O.K. Time to do something stupid.”


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