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That Awkward Moment

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Living… in a spacious Manhattan apartment with his newly divorced friend, Mikey. Their friend Daniel’s there a lot, too, usually when he wants to use Jason’s bathroom. Jason likes to hit the bars with his best friends Daniel, Mikey, and Chelsea. They’ve perfected the art of picking up the opposite sex. Good thing, because Jason never wants to have an empty slot on his roster. 

Profession… book-cover illustrator. Jason and his creative partner, Daniel, have a system when it comes to business meetings. Namely, they don’t prepare at all, yet somehow have success riffing off each other the whole time using a toned-down version of the way they approach women in bars.

Relationship Status… an avowed player. Jason likes landing new partners while waiting for that awkward moment when a woman starts a conversation with “Soooooo….” and it means that she wants to have a conversation about whether or not all this hooking up actually constitutes a relationship. That serves as the commitment-phobe Jason’s cue to hit the road en route to his next conquest. At least that was his strategy until recently, when he met Ellie Andrews and realized that maybe he didn’t want that awkward moment to come – or that if it did, he’d want to stick around.

Challenge… not starting a relationship with Ellie after he makes a pact with his friends to stay single. This turns out to be harder than he thought when Ellie starts showing up to his place uninvited and introducing him to her parents.

Personality… charismatic, arrogant, and pessimistic. Jason is charmingly manipulative, often selfishly so. He’s spent most of his life skating by on making people laugh and appealing to the most superficial sensibilities of the people around him. But there might be a deeper, more romantic part of him in there somewhere. Maybe.

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