Jason Street
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Jason Street

Friday Night Lights (TV)

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About Him

Living… in Dillon, Texas. Jason’s life is permanently altered when he suffers a spinal injury during the first football game of the season. Rather than attending the University of Notre Dame on a scholarship, Jason is paralyzed and wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.

Profession… student at Dillon High School and former senior starting quarterback of the Dillon Panthers. Before his injury, he was ranked as the top high school quarterback in the nation. After his injury left him with limited use of his hands and paralysis of the lower body, he begins the slow road to recovery.

Interests... the Panthers and his girlfriend Lyla. Jason was sent to a rehabilitation center several weeks after his accident. Jason’s new roommate, Herc, is trying to get him pumped for wheelchair rugby.

Relationship Status... dating Lyla Garrity. His accident, however, seems to have jeopardized his relationship. Jason’s best friend, Tim Riggins, is also interested in Lyla, which has the potential to create trouble.

Challenge… accepting and making the best of his new life. The difficulties of life bound to a wheelchair are obvious, but Jason also needs to figure out what he wants to do with his life now that football is no longer an option.

Personality… resilient. Jason got dealt the worst hand possible and has taken it in stride. He does the best with whatever’s thrown his way. He never pities himself and expects the same from others.

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