Jason Stackhouse
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Jason Stackhouse

True Blood

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Overview... basically a homebody, but home has changed quite a bit. Jason has lived in Bon Temps, Louisiana, all his life. His parents died when he was little, so now he lives with his grandmother and his sister, Sookie. Jason’s a pretty normal guy, working on a construction crew and making it with the ladies of Bon Temps at night. But his sister, Sookie, isn’t normal at all. She’s a telepath. And now the world has been made aware of the existence of vampires. All of that’s a little much for a guy like Jason.

Personality... good-looking and a little dim. Jason might look like a Greek god, but his intelligence certainly isn’t godlike. Despite his deficiencies in the brain department, Jason manages to get most people to like him. He’s pretty self-centered and a little oblivious, but he really does care about his family, and he’s basically a good guy. He wants to figure out a purpose for his life, but that’s a little difficult when there’s so much turmoil going on in the formerly quiet town of Bon Temps. 

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