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Blue Jasmine

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Living… through a personal crisis. Jasmine has lost everything – her wealth, status and lifestyle – after her husband, a New York businessman named Hal, was arrested for fraud. As she puts it, "Anxiety, nightmares and a nervous breakdown. There’s only so many traumas a person can withstand until they take to the streets and start screaming.”

Visiting… her sister, Ginger, in San Francisco. Along with her wealth, Jasmine has lost all of her friends. Now, the only person she can turn to is her lowly sister, who was once an object of scorn amongst Jasmine’s Upper East Side friends.

Profession… former housewife, now a receptionist at a dentist’s office. She’s never known such humiliation: having to work for a living! Even worse, it was Jasmine who told the authorities about her husband’s crimes, to get revenge on him for his infidelity. So it’s partially her fault she's in her current situation.

Interests… her reliable Xanax and Stoli martinis (always with a twist of lemon). These are the things that have always been there for her, even in the worst of times.

Relationship Status… chasing another wealthy, influential man in San Francisco. Jasmine has met the man who could be the answer to all of her problems in Dwight, a diplomat with aspirations to run for Congress. She only hopes that he doesn’t discover the truth about her sordid past.

Challenge… keeping herself sane. Jasmine is prone to psychotic episodes. She mumbles to herself and often loses track of reality. She only has to put on the mask of sanity long enough for Dwight to marry her – then everything will be okay. The most important thing right now is to return to her life of luxury. At least, that’s the way she sees it.

Personality… sophisticated, anxious, and incredibly neurotic. A status-obsessed snob, Jasmine is unable to accept her own fall from grace, and she'll do anything to get her old life back again.

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