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Overview... a literal goddess. Jasmine has a rather unusual biography: an otherworldly spirit, she was born on Earth as a tentacled, luminescent being before taking the shape of a beautiful woman. Humans that look upon her are instantly filled with blissful contentment and a desire to serve her. She claims that she has been sent to eliminate evil and bring about world peace, but Jasmine may not be quite what she says or appears to be. Those who are able to shake off her influence see her in her true form: a rotting corpse. And her vision of “peace” is a world where humans have no free will and must occasionally be sacrificed so she can feed on their energy.

Personality... ethereal, benevolent, and immensely powerful. To her followers, Jasmine is a radiant agent of peace who gifts them with total bliss. She is soft-spoken, empathetic, and caring. But that’s only one part of Jasmine’s personality. When her authority is questioned she can become vicious, vengeful, and bloodthirsty. She has immense powers including a healing touch, super strength, and magic.

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