Janis Ian

Janis Ian

    Mean Girls
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… North Shore High School student and, in her words, one of the “greatest people you will ever meet.” She is the first one to take in Cady Heron, the new student, and introduce her to the complicated hierarchy of high school cliques. Using Cady to infiltrate The Plastics, their school’s most exclusive clique, Janis is determined to get revenge on The Plastics’ leader, Regina George.

Personality… witty, artistic, and very open about her opinions. Janis isn’t afraid to tell it like it is with choice profanity and call people out. Although she’s the queen of killer comebacks and one-liners, she is honest about her feelings and cares deeply about her friends. Nevertheless, Janis can come off as cold and can hold a grudge for years. 


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