Janie Crawford
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Janie Crawford

Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Grew Up... mixed-race in early 1900s Florida. The product of her mother's rape by a white man, Janie was raised by her demanding grandmother, whose idea of a good life involves more money than love.

Living... according to her grandmother's dreams and not her own. Nanny might be strict and seemingly cold, but Janie knows she wants the best for her granddaughter. Unfortunately, growing up in slavery has taught Nanny to value stability over romance.  

Profession… housewife, for now. On her grandmother's insistence, Janie has married Logan Killicks, a wealthy farmer whose money is the only trait that makes him even close to a Prince Charming. He's not a cruel man, but for a girl who grew up dreaming of true love, their life together is unbearably cold.

Interests… daydreaming. Like many young women, Janie has rosy visions of loving and being loved by someone else. However, her desire to please her grandmother means Janie often has to sacrifice her hopes for harsh reality.

Relationship Status… married, but not that happily. Janie was a romantic as a young girl, and there's a part of her that still longs for "things sweet wid mah marriage, lak when you sit under a pear tree and think." So far, however, she hasn't had much luck.

Challenge… finding love without losing herself. Yes, Janie wants love, but she's not willing to sacrifice her personality to get it. If there's a man who's right for her, it's going to be someone who can let Janie have her own mind.  

Personality… independent, tough, and cautiously romantic. A life of disappointed romances has made Janie cautious when it comes to love and marriage, but she still has a hint of the romantic 16-year-old she once was. And while she can survive on her own, Janie would really like to have someone else to share her life with.

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