Janet Wood
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Janet Wood

Three's Company

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About Her

Living… in a never-ending farce. After a room opened up in her Santa Monica apartment, she hoped to fill the vacancy with her new friend Jack. Problem was her old-fashioned landlord didn't want Janet and her roommate Chrissy to be living with a man. Janet lied and told him Jack was gay, and soon every day was a struggle to keep up appearances.

Profession… employee at Arcade Flower Shop. Janet loves plants and flowers, and hopes to one day own the store.

Relationship Status… single. She’s dating just like her roommates. However, these flings rarely last long as the pressures of sneaking around her landlord, Mr. Roper, often put a strain on her relationships. Not to mention, Janet and her roommates have a bad habit of walking in on each other at inopportune times.

Challenge… keeping her spot in her cheap beachside apartment. Mr. Roper is sexually frustrated and on the lookout for any reason to make life hell for his tenants.

Personality… smart, practical, and down to earth. She's much brighter than the ditzy Chrissy, but that doesn't stop her from frequently overhearing a conversation and jumping to the wrong conclusion. Misunderstandings are a way of life at the Hacienda Palms. Though she sometimes worries she isn't spontaneous or voluptuous enough, she always comes to her senses and realizes she's the glue that keeps her group of friends together.

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