Janet Weiss
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Janet Weiss

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Visiting… a mysterious mansion in the middle of nowhere with her new fiancé, Brad Majors. After Brad and Janet’s car breaks down on a trip to visit an old friend, they just want to use a telephone. Instead, they find themselves invited to a very strange party indeed.

Profession… soon-to-be wife. Janet is destined to become the dutiful and perfect housewife someday soon – and that’s all she’s ever wanted.

Relationship Status… newly engaged to Brad. After catching the bouquet at the wedding, Brad confessed his love for her, and they’ve been happily in love ever since. They hope to get married soon, but until then, they’re going to have the perfect engagement – chaste, that is. But the party that they’ve stumbled on is hosted by Dr. Frank N. Furter, and chastity really isn’t his thing. After all, what kind of host would he be if he didn’t try to seduce his guests?

Challenge… leaving Dr. Frank N Furter’s mansion with her relationship and sanity intact. Janet wants to leave almost immediately – the doctor and all his guests are strange and intimidating, and they even make Brad and Janet strip down to their underwear. Now they’re dancing, and being seduced, and… well, Janet doesn’t know exactly what’s happening, but it’s sexy and scary and if she want to stay the innocent girl she was when she entered, she better get out fast.

Personality… timid, naïve, and innocent Janet is a shy and frightened young woman who doesn’t care for adventure or outlandish parties like the one she and Brad seemed to have happened upon. She’s pure and uptight, preferring to be just a normal fiancée, engaged to a normal and average man like Brad. 

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