Jane Kerkovich-Williams
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Jane Kerkovich-Williams

Happy Endings

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About Her

Living... with her husband Brad in a condo she meticulously decorated. Though their neighbors find Jane to be an overbearing President of the Homeowners’ Association, that perfectionism is one of her many qualities that Brad finds hot.  

Profession... car salesman for Chicago’s famous Car Czar. She impressed the sleazy czar with the ruthless negotiating tactics she used while helping her friend Penny score a great deal. The job is a perfect fit for her type-A personality and love of aggressive persuasion.

Interests… telling you how to live your life. Not because she doesn't trust you – she's just positive she knows better. Also, she doesn't trust you. She’s slick, too, and not just in the negotiating room. When offering to contribute centerpieces to a silent auction she says they’re “perfect for any occasion – a dinner party, holiday gathering, Centerpiece Hall of Fame induction ceremony...”

Relationship Status... married to Brad Williams. She wanted kids and a house in the suburbs before her sister Alex left her would-be groom Dave at the altar. Now Jane is enjoying the freedom to treat her friends as her kids. They need her help way more than any Kerkovich-Williams baby would.

Challenge... keeping from alienating her friends with her need to be leader of the pack. It can be a lot to handle for the rest of the group, but Brad softens her and keeps her down to Earth. His laid-back swagger is why she calls him her “Black Han Solo.”

Personality... obsessively competitive and frighteningly laser-focused. But Jane says, "I'm not controlling. I'm aggressively helpful." She knows what she wants at all times and goes after it. She's the one you want by your side when you're negotiating your rent or planning a wedding – and she’s usually there anyway, whether you like it or not.

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