Jane Craig
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Jane Craig

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About Her

Living... at work. Until recently, her job has been her life.

Profession... producer for a major news program in Washington, D.C. Jane takes her job seriously and wants to cover serious news, but the networks increasingly only care about celebrities and gossip. It’s beginning to frustrate her.

Interests... spending time with Aaron, a close friend of hers. He's the classiest guy she knows, and her biggest fan.

Relationship Status... involved with the Devil, according to Aaron. Jane has a new relationship with Tom, the handsome news anchor. He’s more style than substance, and Jane worries that he is uneducated and inexperienced – dangerous qualities for a newscaster. She can’t help being attracted to him, much to Aaron’s dismay.

Challenge... choosing between Aaron and Tom, and not just in her personal life. The network is laying people off, and as a producer she has to decide which one stays. Aaron is a good reporter, with lots of experience – but Tom is handsome, with a glib personality that works so well on television. Jane is caught in the middle of the classic debate of news: does serious substance or a good appearance triumph? And will she be able to keep her friendship with Adam, or her relationship with Tom, intact either way?

Personality... brilliant. But despite her intelligence and her success, she is still insecure. She is always on the verge of tears. When the head of the network news division says sarcastically, ''It must be nice to always think you're the smartest person in the room,'' she replies, ''No, it's awful.'' She knows what she should do, practically speaking, but her heart doesn’t always agree.

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