Jane Burnham
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Jane Burnham

American Beauty

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Grew Up... with a cold, calculating mother and a “loser” of a father. Her suburban upbringing gave her the sense that she must aspire to be a hard-working career woman like her mother, who is a real estate agent. But Jane doesn’t seem cut out for that kind of bubbly work.

Living… dismally in American suburbia. Like many high school girls, Jane is uncomfortable in her own body and waiting for something or someone to come along and make her feel beautiful. Her best friend, Angela, constantly makes her feel inadequate. The two of them have a weird beauty and talent contest, in which both of them acknowledge that Angela is the most wanted by high school boys.

Profession… high school student. Jane does not care much for either her classes or the cheerleading team – which she is part of mostly because Angela is a part of it.

Interests… breast augmentation and self-loathing. Jane doesn’t seem very happy, but isn’t interested in actively making her life better.

Relationship Status… sought after by her “psycho” neighbor Ricky Fitts. After a few conversations with him, though, she is intrigued by his unique aesthetic and mysteriousness.

Challenge… becoming comfortable with herself. Her parents certainly haven’t done anything to help her in this regard. Her father ogles at Angela every time she comes over like a horny teenager, and her mother is too focused on her career to even notice that Jane is going through some problems.

Personality… anxious, quiet, a follower. Jane tries to fit in with popular girls like Angela, but that only serves to make Angela feel better about herself while Jane feels worse. Maybe Ricky can provide a way out, or at least a way forward to happier times. 

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