Jane Adler
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Jane Adler

It's Complicated

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Living… alone at her home in Santa Barbara. Ever since her husband of twenty years, Jake, left her for a younger woman, Jane hasn’t been entirely herself. She managed to raise their three children as a single mom, but now that all her kids are grown up and out of the house, Jane’s life as a divorcée is feeling stranger than ever.

Profession… baker. Now that she has a bit more time to herself, Jane takes pride in running her busy bakery in Santa Barbara. She’s managed to make her business enough of a success to afford the extension to her home that’s she’s been planning for the past ten years.

Relationship Status… complicated, to say the least. After their son’s graduation dinner, Jane and her ex-husband Jake manage to rekindle some of the magic of their initial romance. The two soon find themselves embroiled in a passionate affair — which isn’t exactly helping Jane move on from their divorce. It doesn’t help matters that Adam, the quirky but lovable architect helping build Jane’s new kitchen, seems to be interested in her…

Challenge… figuring out which man is right for her. Jane is stuck between her charming ex-husband, and the bashful but handsome architect. Having an affair with one’s ex-husband can be a disconcerting experience, and Jane doesn’t know how to manage her many romances. As she says to her friends: “What about the fact that I’m now the other woman – I’m the one we hate!”

Personality… hardworking, loving, and fun. Usually a responsible, sensible woman, Jane’s life is getting more tumultuous by the minute. Life after a divorce can be difficult territory to navigate, but she’s managing to do so while having as much fun as possible. After so many years of being single, Jane is finally starting to feel normal again.

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