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Jan Brady

The Brady Bunch

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Living… in the Brady household in Los Angeles, lost in the mix among her two sisters (Marcia and Cindy) and three stepbrothers (Greg, Peter and Bobby). Jan has had as hard a time as anyone adjusting to her new living situation since her mom married the boys’ dad and combined the families. Now there are more people around to lavish attention on her perfect older sister Marcia. Just what Jan needed.

Profession… student. School is no different than home when it comes to Jan’s primary woe – her sister’s shadow. Her teachers constantly compare her to Marcia, whose grades and social status are light years ahead of Jan’s. The one time Jan thought she’d won an essay contest, it turned out to be the result of a scoring error. She just can’t catch a break.

Interests… whatever works. Jan often tries her hand at things like cheerleading to try to equal her sister, usually to no avail. Eventually, she finds her true passion in painting – something Marcia’s never attempted, and probably would be crummy at.

Relationship Status… single, and not by choice. When Jan did finally get a boyfriend, it was because she decided to make one up – “George Glass.” Predictably, the ruse didn’t last long. Jan will pin her lack of love life on her freckles or glasses, but her biggest enemy is not considering herself worth considering. She assumes rejection from the outset.

Challenge… "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" At least, Jan thinks her older sister is her biggest problem, but she’s off-base. Marcia tends to be supportive and considerate of Jan; it’s Jan’s insecurity about Marcia’s shadow that’s the real trouble. Jan’s biggest test won’t be beating Marcia at any particular thing, but realizing that she doesn’t need to.

Personality… the quintessential middle child. Jan is going through an awkward time, both as an individual and within the context of her unique family. It’s hard to be either a middle child or a stepchild, and Jan’s both. She’s doing the best she can given her circumstances. In her less insecure moments, she’s as kind-hearted and well-meaning as anyone.

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