Jamie Rellis
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Jamie Rellis

Friends with Benefits

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About Her

Overview… a highly capable headhunter (or “executive recruiter” as she insists on being called. Apparently, “headhunter sounds a little creepy”). In this role, Jamie manages to persuade Dylan Harper to sign on as GQ’s new Art Director. In the process, they forge a strong and platonic bond. The friendship eventually evolves into “friends with benefits,” with both parties agreeing that they will have sex without the complications added by emotions and attachment. Complications inevitably arise when emotions emerge. Jamie is then forced to sort out her feelings for Dylan, and figure out how to maintain her friendship.

Personality… tough, sassy, and driven. Jamie Rellis is a staunch New Yorker– equipped with plenty of wit and moxie. Despite the cool, self-assured exterior, Jamie is a true romantic who expects Prince Charming to come along some day and sweep her off her stiletto-clad feet. 

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