The End of the F World

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... being close to his mom. But he unfortunately witnessed the suicide of his mother. She drove off into a lake in front of him.

Living... in England. He now lives with his father, who he secretly resents for his mother's death.

Profession... a 17-year-old student. As a self-professed psychopath, James stuck his hands into a fryer in an attempt to feel something when he was 9. He also kills small animals for fun, and after getting bored of that, he chooses Alyssa for a more ambitious murder.

Interests... killing animals, denying he has trauma, and inexpertly making out with Alyssa.

Relationship Status... dating Alyssa. Though his initial goal is to get closer to her so that he can eventually kill her, James ends up falling in love with Alyssa. He runs off with her in a Bonnie & Clyde scenario, and confesses, "Being with Alyssa had started to make me feel things. She made me feel things. And I didn't like that at all.”

Challenge... running from the law enforcement with Alyssa, coming to terms with his own trauma, and accepting his burgeoning feelings.

Personality... standoff-ish, awkward, and maybe a little cute. He doesn't know how to express emotions, but that awkwardness is almost charming. Eventually, he comes to a realization that he's not all that cut out to be a cold-blooded serial killer, and instead makes a major sacrifice for Alyssa.


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