James Leer
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James Leer

Wonder Boys

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About Him

Grew Up… under mysterious circumstances. Not much is known about James’ childhood, but something certainly turned him into a strange young man.

Living… in Pittsburgh, obtaining a degree in creative writing. Hannah Green, his best friend, happens to rent a room in Prof Grady Tripp’s house (their writing professor).

Profession… university student. Although unsure about his future, James secretly really enjoys writing – perhaps a career as a professional writer might not be too far fetched. Luckily, Professor Tripp’s editor, Terry Crabtree, has taken a real interest in James’ work.

Interests… lonesomeness, Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, antique guns, writing fiction.

Relationship Status… single. James has been a little too inside his head for a relationship but is starting discover his sexuality.

Challenge… come out of his shell. Rather than becoming an extrovert, James merely seeks to develop healthy relationships with the people surrounding him – for far too long James has had trouble relating to people in any kind of way.

Personality… quiet, gloomy, mysterious, lost soul.  

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