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James Hunt


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About Him

Living… on the edge. As a British racecar driver who criss-crosses the globe, James loves spitting in the face of death and getting paid for it. Death is for everyone but him. Believing that is the only thing that allows him to drive for a living. Problem is, deep down he knows he’s just as fragile as anyone else.

Profession… a Formula racing driver, stuck at Formula 3, a lower division for drivers looking for sponsors or promotions to Formula 1. He’s convinced he’s the best driver in the world. He was born to do this – driving with no thought for tomorrow, as if each day is his last, which it very well may be. It’s a profession that rewards and punishes risk with equal intensity. The stakes are always life and death. That’s where he’s most comfortable.

Interests… booze and weed, at least in his earlier days. He’s had to sacrifice his vices to get to the next level. Now his only interests are round-the-clock practice and focus. Memorizing circuits, picking up new visualization techniques, and fine-tuning his body and mind. That’s the only way to keep pace with his single-minded rival, Niki Lauda.

Relationship Status… crumbling. His wife Suzy, a famous supermodel, is at her wit’s end. She thinks he only used her as an accessory, a way to settle down and focus on racing. His temperance and infidelity have become too much to handle. His attempts at self-pity don’t help, either.

Challenge… changing his attitude. He doesn’t always take racing as seriously as the other top drivers, and when the difference between winning and losing is a split second, often it comes down to who wants it more.

Personality… self-obsessed, volatile, and immature. He probably describes himself best when he says, "I get bored easily. I have a hot head, an inability to tolerate discipline. I fall out with people left and right. I’m quick to settle matters with my fists... All I’ve got going for me is I’m quick in a car.”

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