James Granger
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James Granger

The Monuments Men

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About Him

Living… the sheltered life of a curator. Prior to World War II, James lived a quiet life, but when Uncle Sam comes calling, James finds himself in the middle of a battle to save Western culture from Nazi hands. 

Visiting… the frontlines of occupied Europe. In order to protect Europe's masterpieces from Nazi looting, the U.S. Army draws upon Granger and his artistic expertise for help. 

Profession… curator temporarily turned lieutenant. Deployed as part of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Section, James is initially much less idealistic than their team leader, Frank Stokes. Unlike Stokes, Granger doubts that the Monuments Men will be able to achieve their goals. “So you want to go into a war zone with some architects and artists," he asks Frank, "and tell our boys what they can and cannot blow up?” 

Interests... art and saving it, but not at the expense of his life.

Relationship Status… married, but also intrigued by fellow curator Claire Simone. A Parisian beauty trying to keep art out of Nazi hands, Simone quickly attracts Granger's attention, but she may be too jaded from Paris's occupation to trust him. 

Challenge… finding stolen art before it's too late. Hitler has plans to destroy his looted artworks if Germany is defeated, and with the Nazi occupation slowly crumbling, Granger and the rest of the team must find and save the thousands of masterpieces that may be soon gone forever.  

Personality… bookish, handsome, and dedicated to art. Though reticent, Granger is devoted to his causes and can be more than daring under the right circumstances.


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