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James Franco

This Is the End

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About Him

Grew Up... loving acting. He made his real Hollywood debut in “Spider-man” as Peter Parker’s best friend, and since then, he’s made a number of interesting career decisions that baffle everyone in the industry. He studied at NYU, UCLA, Columbia, and other top universities.

Living… in LA, where he has a beautiful mansion that he “decked out” himself. He’s as interested in interior design as he is in painting and throwing some of Hollywood’s craziest parties. During one particularly crazy party, the apparent end of the world strikes, and James Franco immediately has to put his wit and skills into action if he and his (surviving) friends are going to make it out of LA alive.

Profession… jack-of-all-trades. Yes, he’s an international movie star, but he’s also a director, a writer of short stories, a painter, and a teacher. Is there anything James Franco can’t do?

Interests… art, literature, theater, film, and all the finer things in life. Which, for James Franco, includes copious amounts of marijuana and promiscuous sex with famous actresses like Lindsay Lohan.

Relationship Status… bachelor. James is taking his time, sleeping with pretty much as many women as he possibly can. He doesn’t seem to want to settle down – especially since women of all shapes and sizes throw themselves at him on a daily basis.

Challenge… keeping his precious possessions from being destroyed. James Franco often appears to care more about a painting he made than about the lives of his fellow survivors. But who can blame a man who pours himself so readily and entirely into his art?

Personality… goofy, arrogant, and artsy. He is prone to many flights of fancy, but he justifies them because he’s simply so important; after all, his performance in “127 Hours” was Academy Award-nominated. He feels that his profession is noble, and his myriad other talents only add to his already inflated ego. In Franco’s own words, “We’re actors. We bring joy to people’s lives!”

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