James Doyle
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James Doyle

The French Connection

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About Him

Living… in a New York City apartment, alone. Jimmy, known by his nickname “Popeye,” likes to go out for drinks with his friend Buddy at the Copacabana nightclub, but usually he’s there just to keep an eye out for criminal behavior. 

Profession… detective for the NYPD. Popeye is trying to track down the connection for all the narcotics coming into his city. He knows it’s French, but no one wants to give any information. Fortunately, Popeye doesn’t mind shaking down a witness or an informant. Buddy Russo is his partner. He respects Buddy since he’s tough and not an imbecile. Above all, he’s loyal, and Popeye knows how rare that is in this line of work.

Interests… drinking. When he’s not at the bar, Popeye likes busting small-time criminals. He loves walking into some Lower East Side den and rounding up the hookers and telling them to go home. He thinks it serves them right. He doesn’t mean anybody any harm, of course. To him, he’s just helping his community, with his tongue firmly planted into his cheek.

Relationship Status… zilch. Popeye doesn’t have time to mess around. He’s got a whole city depending on him. Plus, he’s not exactly the biggest Romeo in the world – in fact, he’s a womanizer. Most women want some kind of tenderness and time, which Popeye can't afford to give – or is incapable of giving.

Challenge… finding the French connection. This racket runs deep and every lead sets him 10 steps behind; meanwhile, no one is speaking up. It's a nightmare. Alain Charnier, a French criminal, is their main suspect. Popeye think he's the “Frenchie” behind this whole racket. The guy's impossible to nail, though. He's covered his tail real good, shut up enough people to keep Popeye away. 

Personality… tough, obsessive, and intolerant. Popeye doesn’t always follow the rules, and he holds a grudge against those different from him. Popeye’s reputation precedes him by miles, with good reason. It's got some stains on it, too, also with good reason. He really screwed up a few years back, had a hunch on a case that got a partner killed. That still gets to him, and no one's forgotten about it, which gets to him even more. He doubled down on his hard-ass style of business after that. His free-time shenanigans are the only thing keeping him barely sane. 

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