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James Devlin


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About Him

Grew up… with conservative values. Devlin believes that every man in America is responsible for his own actions. Therefore, it makes sense to enforce the Old Testament principle of “an eye for an eye.”

Living… in the Governor’s mansion. Devlin made it to the top of the state’s political system through corruption, bribery and even murder. Though these are only “allegations,” as he likes to insist.

Profession… as Governor, Devlin gets things done in his state. The Republican Governor has come after a long string of what he views as lazy left-wing dreamers. He believes that the public wants someone who can rule with an iron fist, which is exactly what he does.

Interests… “justice,” or so he claims. Devlin advocates the harshest treatment possible for prisoners in his state, especially in the notorious Oswald State Penitentiary (or “Oz”). His campaign slogan was “No Perks for Prisoners.” Catchy, no?

Challenge… dealing with the corruption charges against him and keeping himself out of the same prison system that he’s running roughshod over. Every prisoner in Oz hates Governor Devlin; he banned smoking (even though he is a smoker himself), reinstated the death penalty, and ended the privilege of conjugal visits. He’d be lucky to last a week as an inmate.

Personality… shrewd, draconian, and hypocritical. Governor Devlin exemplifies the worst qualities of a politician. He does not practice the kind of self-control and personal responsibility that he preaches to the public.

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