James Carter
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James Carter

Rush Hour

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About Him

Living… in sunny Los Angeles. Carter is a detective, so he's no stranger to excitement and danger on a day-to-day basis.

Profession… a detective for the LAPD. With his appointment to the G14 Classified case, Carter’s dreams of becoming an FBI agent might finally come true. Unfortunately, “G14 Classified” is just a glorified term for babysitting Detective Inspector Lee, a Hong Kong detective whom the FBI wants to keep from interfering in their investigation into the kidnapping of Chinese Consul Solon Han’s daughter.

Interests… shooting criminals and shooting his mouth off. James loves his job and he does it with style. Bravado and banter are just as important as a gun to Detective Carter, who declares, “This is the United States of James Carter. I’m the president, I’m the emperor [....] Your ass belongs to me.”

Relationship Status… single. But he makes time for a bit of harmless flirting, especially with his colleague Tania Johnson. He also once spread a rumor that the two of them slept together. Tania wasn’t so happy to hear that.

Challenge… keeping Detective Inspector Lee under control while cracking Soo-Yung’s kidnapping. Carter is furious that the FBI has assigned him with a babysitting job and decides to prove himself by getting the Consul’s daughter back himself. Unfortunately, he's been burdened with a troublesome Chinese detective. There aren’t many people that James Carter can’t subdue, but Lee proves to be quite the handful. His martial arts savvy and determination to get to Consul Han make this a difficult babysitting gig.

Personality… loud, brash, and proud. James Carter knows he is one hell of a good detective, and he wants everyone else to know it, too. Unfortunately, his arrogance and go-it-alone attitude often get him in trouble with his superiors, who think he’s too reckless and unreliable to be trusted.

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