Jamal King
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Jamal King

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About Him

Overview… a lazy stoner who still lives with his mother after six years at a local community college. Jamal doesn’t have many ambitions. While his mom dreams of having her son go to a four-year institution, Jamal knows that such a dream is near-impossible. But his fortunes are reversed when he meets Silas, a wise-cracking drug dealer, who lets him in on a magical strand of weed called Ivory. It turns out that Ivory conjures an omniscient ghost who helps Jamal ace the THC (Testing for Higher Credentials) exam. As a result, the laid-back Jamal finds himself entering the uptight atmosphere of Harvard University on a prestigious scholarship.

Personality… lazy, tough, and quick-tempered. Jamal, a product of the rough streets, doesn’t get along with his whitewashed classmates at Harvard. His motto is a simple one: “Figure if I study high, take the test high, I’ll get high scores!”

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