Jake Perry
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Jake Perry

Sweet Home Alabama

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Overview... a total country boy. Jake has spent his whole life in Pigeon Creek, Alabama, a rural town with a population of 3,561. He married his childhood sweetheart Melanie right out of high school, but when their relationship fell apart, she fled to New York City to start a new life and Jake stayed behind to nurse his wounds. But almost a decade later his world is turned upside down when a newly engaged Melanie returns to remind him of one thing: He never got around to signing their divorce papers all those years ago.

Personality... uncouth, augmentative, and stubborn, but secretly driven. If Melanie’s new fiancé Andrew is the ideal man to bring home to mom, Jake seems to be the exact opposite. He’s a simple guy who likes to drink beer, go fishing, and start fights.  (Which actually fits in with Melanie’s parents, but that’s another story.) But when he’s not fuming over something, Jake can be sweet, caring, and utterly charming. And although it might not look like it, underneath his blue jeans and T-shirts, Jake has a focused, determined side as well. 

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