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Jake Van Dorn


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About Him

Living… in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Van Dorn is a single father with a teenage daughter, Kristen. He raised her according to his beliefs, which are strongly Calvinist.

Visiting… California, in search of his daughter. Kristen disappeared while on a church trip to the state, and Van Dorn doesn’t think she’s the kind of girl that would run away. The police have been looking into it, but when a private investigator turned up a copy of a porn vid with her in it, Van Dorn decides to take the investigation into his own hands.

Profession… businessman. But right now he’s taking a leave from his work in order to find his daughter. He’s even posed as a porn producer to get more information on her whereabouts.

Interests… finding his daughter. He believes that Kristen was forced into the pornography industry, and he’s determined to find her and bring her home. He’s willing to spend any amount of money, go into any dangerous situation, in order to do that.

Relationship Status… bitterly divorced. He doesn’t talk about it much, especially because his ex-wife hates him. But somehow he’s able to talk about it with Niki, a porn actress that he hired to help him find Kristen. They’re starting to bond – Niki likes that he doesn’t see her as a sex object, and Van Dorn likes that has someone he can talk to. He’s never been good at expressing his emotions, even affection.

Challenge… saving his daughter from something terrible. The best-case outcome is that she was forced into the industry, but he can find her and take her home. He realizes, though, that there’s a chance she might not even be alive. Some of the people she’s been seen with are not the nicest kind.

Personality… devout, loyal, and stoic. Van Dorn believes in a certain kind of social order, one that the Californian underground definitely doesn’t conform to. He loves his daughter fiercely, but he has never been able to express that. He just hopes that she’s safe ­– then he can work on showing her the love he feels.

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