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Jake Sully


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Grew Up… on Earth, with his twin brother, Tom. Jake joined the Marines, but suffered a major injury to his spine during a war in Venezuela, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

Living… on Earth. Since being paralyzed, Jake's been unhappy with his life, and he's barely getting by when he finds out that Tom was killed in a mugging.

Visiting… the mysterious planet of Pandora. After his brother’s death, Jake was called upon to replace his brother, a scientist and Avatar driver in-training, in the Avatar Program. The Avatar Program trains people like his brother to control the artificially grown Avatars of the foreign Na’vi race, so that they can safely navigate the planet in order to extract its vital resources.

Profession… Avatar driver. Since Pandora's environment is toxic to normal humans, the Resources and Development Administration (RDA) created the Avatar Program in order to send humans onto Pandora safely in the form of their Na’vi bodies. Jake’s identical DNA with his brother makes him a perfect genetic replacement for Tom, but the twins are more different than the RDA might realize.

Relationship Status… single, for now. Jake is focused on his mission, but the more time he spends amongst the Na’vi, the less supportive he becomes of the RDA's plans for Pandora. When he meets Neytiri, a beautiful and headstrong Na’vi princess, he can’t help but begin to fall for her. But his original mission means he has to choose between her or his orders.

Challenge… choosing between humanity and the Na’vi race. Now that Earth is quickly running out of its own resources, they are dead-set on extracting the vital resource unobtanium from Pandora. However, as a result of their quest for unobtanium, humanity is destroying the life-force and the sacred home ground of the Na’vi. Though Jake was promised restored use of his legs in exchange for protecting the scientists working on Pandora, he’s beginning to have second thoughts about whom he should really be defending.

Personality… tough, strong-willed, and good-natured. As a Marine, Jake is serious and blunt, which makes him seem a little cold and sarcastic at first, but he usually believes in doing the right thing. Despite being in a wheelchair, Jake knows that he can do anything any other man can, and his stubbornness usually prevails over his disability. Passionate and caring underneath his soldier’s exterior, Jake is a natural-born leader and will do everything he can to protect those he cares about. But who does he care about more, his bosses or the Na’vi?

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