Jake LaMotta
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Jake LaMotta

Raging Bull

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About Him

Living… in Miami, after moving from the Bronx. Miami isn’t the boxing town the Bronx was, but it’s a lot better than jail.

Profession… nightclub entertainer, but he used to be the greatest middleweight fighter this country ever saw. He brutalized his body for years until nobody was willing to fight him. No one wanted to give him a shot at the title. He had to fight for all of it.

Interests… dealing with the mob. Jake knows that the Mafia controls who really wins the title. When there's so much money involved, and a boxer wants a real piece of his own pie, he needs to know people. He needs to owe a lot of favors. Just training won't cut it. No matter how good you are, you can't make it on your own.

Relationship Status… an endless headache. Jake still remembers the first time he met Vickie, when she was fifteen and he was still married. He knew she was up to something, but he couldn’t catch her. She's always trying to keep him jealous – calling the other guy in the ring good-looking right in front of his face. Then he smashes the guy’s face inside out. Nobody's good looking after Jake’s through with 'em.

Challenge… being washed up. When you're the champ, everybody wants a piece of you. Once you're done, they're done. What else do they want? He’s the bum of the year because of these leeches. They never let him go all the way. They did nothing but hold him back until it was too late for him.

Personality… bitter and resentful. All his life he had guys in his corner yelling, "Go get 'em, Jake...kill 'em! You're the greatest." Now there's nobody rooting for him. Prison was hell but he learned things there. He learned how to scratch a calendar on the wall. And he learned how to function without getting paid to knock people out

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