Jake Hoyt
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Jake Hoyt

Training Day

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About Him

Living… in Los Angeles. Jake’s in training as a new recruit for the narcotics department of the LAPD. The work they’re doing is the hardest around, with the insanely high concentration of gangs in South Central LA.

Profession… narcotics officer in training, LAPD. Jake might be in over his head. He was initially intimidated but excited to be training with the renowned Alonzo, whose reputation as a hard-hitting narcotics officer precedes him. But after a few hours in the hot seat, Jake begins to second guess the legality of Alonzo’s methods. It might be more dangerous to be with Alonzo than on the streets.

Interests… facts and regulations. Jake does things exactly how the manual tells him. He doesn’t step outside of the boundaries of the law—and this is where he and Alonzo differ most of all. Their opposite personalities butt heads throughout the 24 hours of Jake’s training.

Relationship Status… married, with a child. Jake’s entire reason for joining the narcotics division is to earn a better salary to support his family. But now he may have to do a lot more than he signed up for…

Challenge… reconsidering his own values as an officer. The new street-smart strategies Alonzo forces upon him are often more trouble than Jake is willing to get involved with. Jake faces tests of his psychological willpower, and also his ability to adapt to situations, tackle thugs, and stay one step ahead of the game.

Personality… naïve but quick to learn. Jake hardens himself hour by hour, and figures out how to not only apply Alonzo’s training, but also to overcome it. Jake eventually will choose the righteous path in all situations. He’s a good cop, and he wants to stay that way.



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