Jake Harper
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Jake Harper

Two and a Half Men

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About Him

Living... in a big Malibu house on the water. His parents recently broke up, and while his mother Judith has primary custody, he spends a lot of time with his dad Alan and his uncle Charlie in Charlie’s beachside estate.

Profession... grade school student. He’s not very bright, so he spends more time learning how to live a laid-back, responsibility-free lifestyle from his vice-indulgent uncle Charlie than he does writing or reading. 

Interests… doing nothing productive. He lays around, plays video games, and watches TV. He’s barely mindful enough to notice the world around him – thinking about his future is completely off the table.

Relationship Status... single. He’s just a kid. But as puberty begins to take a hold of him, he gets much more interested in the revolving door of young women that come to visit Charlie. 

Challenge... growing up. Jake’s a pretty dense young man so he learns most things the hard way. He lives with two examples of adulthood gone wrong in the meek Alan and the outrageous Charlie, though he’s more interested in the latter. What his own path will be is anyone’s guess, though, as he likes to spend his days planted with snacks in front of the TV. Charlie complains to Alan, “Did I say he was going to live here until he’s thirty? I meant: forever.” Jake makes Charlie look like a go-getter.        

Personality... sweet and caring, but lunkheaded and unmotivated. Like many teenagers, he’s embarrassed by his dad, but in his defense, Alan is especially lame. Charlie’s housekeeper Berta says Jake’s “a kid who can’t afford to miss a single day of school.” What he lacks in ambition, he makes up for in blissful ignorance and confidence. After accidentally stapling his fingers together, he tells his dad, “You may think I’m dumb, but you overestimate me.” Correct on both accounts. On the bright side, he's still young enough to figure things out – at least a little.

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