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Jake Blues

The Blues Brothers

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About Him

Grew Up… in a Catholic orphanage. Sister Mary Stigmata was always scolding him and his brother Elwood for getting trouble. As the brothers got older they continued to get into bigger and bigger trouble, splitting their time between petty crime and blues music. Jake and Elwood lived for their rhythm and blues band, but when it broke up they lost all direction in life.

Living… the life of a free man. Jake has just released from prison after serving three years for armed robbery. He doesn’t have much time to enjoy his freedom before he discovers that their childhood orphanage is facing foreclosure unless it can pay $5000 in property taxes. Upon hearing this news Jake is struck by a religious revelation, leading him to proclaim that he has “seen the light” and that they have to “go on a mission from God” to “get the band back together” and raise enough money to save their childhood home.

Profession… blues singer. Jake has had many odd jobs over the years – not all of them legal. But at his core, Jake will always be a Blues Brother, whether he’s in a band or not.

Interests… R&B, reuniting old friends, communing with the divine, evading the police, and taking care of his brother.

Relationship Status… alone. He had a fiancé once, but he left her at the altar. He hasn’t spoken to her in years and she’s never forgiven him.

Challenge… getting the band back together so they can save the orphanage. It’s going to be a lot harder than expected. Not only are many of their old band members tied down or washed up – there are several people on the Blues Brothers’ tail, trying to hunt them down for their ridiculous and irresponsible antics.

Personality… cool, calm, and inspired. Jake is the lead singer of the blues band, and he comes up with most of the ideas. He is beloved and hated, polarizing people wherever he travels.

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