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Jake Barnes

The Sun Also Rises

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About Him

Living... in Paris. Originally from America, Jake decided to stay in Paris after World War I ended, and he's carved out a pretty plush life with the other expats there.

Visiting... Pamplona, Spain. When Bill and Mike come over from the States, Jake initially goes with them to Spain for a short fishing spree. But days turn into weeks, and as his other friends arrive, Jake finds himself staying in Pamplona for its main event: the running of the bulls. 

Profession… journalist. A WWI veteran, Jake's managed to make a living as a reporter since the war's end. Maybe it's not as heroic as dodging bullets, but it's still work.

Interests… fishing and bullfighting. While he won't miss a good party when he's in town, Jake also deeply loves nature. It's why he went to Spain, after all, and it's why he's staying in Pamplona despite all the brewing drama it's been causing.

Relationship Status… complicated. On the one hand, Jake loves Lady Brett Ashley, and she loves him back. But war has left Jake with both mental and physical scars, so the two have decided to keep their relationship platonic.

Challenge… holding himself together. Most of the time, Jake's a pretty stoic person, taking life's disappointments with a shrug and a smart remark. But even the toughest soldier can't come from WWI without some scars, and "it is awfully easy to be hard-boiled about everything in the daytime, but at night is another thing."

Personality… aimless, but neither weak nor emotionless. Haunted by his time in the war, Jake keeps a good poker face around his friends, but there are times when the mask slips. Though while he might have his own disappointments, Jake generally keeps his emotions close. In his mind it's far better to be stoic than seem self-pitying.

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