Jake Adler
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Jake Adler

It's Complicated

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About Him

Grew Up… married to a successful baker, Jane, in Santa Barbara, but the two divorced ten years ago after he had an affair. Since then, their three children have grown up, leaving his ex-wife all alone in her house.

Living… with his second and much younger wife, Agness. Jake hasn’t been very happy with the demanding Agness lately. She’s making him take sessions at a fertility clinic, and insists he sleep with her while she’s ovulating.

Profession… an attorney who's carved out a nice career for himself. However, you might consider his other profession a serial adulterer, and somewhat of an unapologetic one at that. Jake follows his libido to whatever uncomfortable, awkward situation it leads him into.

Interests… getting Jane back. After attending their son Luke's college graduation in NYC, Jake and ex-wife Jane begin an affair that persists even when the two of them return to Santa Barbara. Jake finds a new attraction in Jane, but is it because their romance is forbidden that he is pursuing her again?

Relationship Status… married to Agness, but seeing Jane on the side. Jack seems to have no moral problem with the situation he’s gotten himself into. When Jane freaks out over the fact that the two are sleeping together despite Jack being married, Jack coolly responds: "Why do you need to label everything?"

Challenge… keeping his affair a secret from Agness, and his and Jane’s three children. All this sneaking around is, admittedly, kind of hot, but Jane is quickly getting bored of being “the other woman” for the first time. It comes with a lot more complications than she had ever imagined.

Personality… charming, but a little thoughtless. Jake can be pretty selfish. Clearly, given his affairs, he’s more interested in getting what he wants than anything else. He’s gotten a bit lost over the years, and is realizing he may have made some mistakes that even time can’t repair. Ultimately, he just wants to be happy, but maybe neither Agness nor Jane can provide that for him.

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