Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister

    Game of Thrones
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in King’s Landing. A Lannister by birth, Jaime grew up in Lannisport but moved to King’s Landing when he was invited to join the Kingsguard. However, in truth he moved to King’s Landing so he could continue his incestuous affair with his twin sister, Cersei, the Queen of the realm and wife of the man Jaime is sworn to protect.

Profession... a member of the Kingsguard. The Kingsguard are a sacred order of seven knights who are sworn to protect the King. They take no wives, accept no lands, and forsake their noble birth rights when they don the white, instead dedicating themselves wholly to the King. Jaime’s tenure as a Kingsguard was forever stained when he struck down the previous ruler, the “Mad King” Aerys – an action that earned him the scorn of most of the kingdom and the moniker of “Kingslayer.”

Interests… fighting, mostly. Jaime is one of the deadliest warriors in the Seven Kingdoms, and enjoys nothing more than proving his superiority on the battlefield.

Relationship Status... unmarried, but in an incestuous relationship with his sister Cersei. Bran Stark, the youngest son of Lord Eddard Stark, stumbles upon them in a castle, so Jaime pushes the kid out a window in order to keep their secret safe. If the world were ever to discover their relationship Jaime’s three children with Cersei would likely be put to death, instead of put on the Iron Throne.

Challenge... keeping his forbidden relationship a secret. The entire Lannister family has a lot to lose if that ever gets out. His father is the richest man in the Kingdom, and if Jaime and Cersei disgraced the Lannister name, they might not only have to end their relationship – they might be killed.           

Personality... arrogant, cynical, and utterly pragmatic. It would be easy to label Jaime as evil, but in reality he just practices a form of moral calculus that is very similar to his father, Tywin. A charming rake, Jaime often does questionable things, but usually in service to his family or some perceived greater good. He is a willing practitioner of intimidation, cruelty, and violence – but never without cause. While he’s twisted, he isn’t wholly ignoble. Somewhere inside him are knightly principles and inclinations that he’s long since suppressed in reaction to a cruel and arbitrary world. At least, that’s his view.


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