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Overview... the Grand Vizier of Agrabah and the personal adviser to the Sultan. Though he presents himself as a thoughtful political counselor, Jafar has devious ulterior motives: he wants to steal the throne and rule Agrabah under his own iron fist. His plan to seize power includes brainwashing the Sultan, marrying Princess Jasmine, and taking out anyone who stands in his way. 

Personality... manipulative, deceitful, and very pompous. Jafar is a masterful liar who has smooth-talked his way to the top, with the help of a little magical mind control. When he’s not putting on a polite public face, Jafar is spiteful, abusive, and quick to anger. He truly believes that it’s his right to rule and he has little patience for anyone he thinks is beneath him – which is basically everyone. If Jafar has one weakness, it’s his intense narcissism.

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