Beyond Good & Evil

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... an orphan. Jade never knew her parents. Her only connection to them is the camera they left behind. Her whole life she has been raised by her adoptive uncle Pey’j, who treats her like one of his own.

Living... in Hillys. Jade lives on a remote mining planet currently being invaded by the DomZ, aliens who turn humans into slaves and suck out their life force. 

Profession... photojournalist. To help make ends meet, Jade takes a photography job for a nature magazine. However, she is soon recruited by the IRIS Network, a league of freedom fighters battling against the DomZ as well as the fascist Alpha Sections government that has failed to win the war.

Interests… caring for children. Jade has a soft spot for kids. So she and Pey’j care for the war orphans of Hillys. All the money she earns goes towards powering the shield that keeps the children safe from the DomZ. She’s also a martial arts master on the side. 

Relationship Status... single. Jade loves kids, and she has a great relationship with her uncle Pey’j, but she doesn’t have any significant others. However, considering how dire the situation on Hillys is, there are probably better things to worry about. 

Challenge... uncovering the truth.  As a member of the IRIS Network, as well as a journalist, Jade is determined to discover what is really going on. Is Alpha Sections in league with the DomZ? Does Jade have a larger role in this then she realizes? As she says, “Who’s actually telling the truth?”   

Personality... kind and driven. Given her circumstances, Jade has become tough and skeptical. But get past that and she is lively, loyal, and loving. 


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