Jade Harley

Jade Harley


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as an orphan. After her grandfather died, Jade was raised by her loyal dog, Bec. The fact that most dogs aren't capable of childrearing seems to escape Jade, as do Bec's decidedly un-doglike powers. But in the midst of Jade's own mysterious visions, perhaps a supernaturally intelligent dog isn't that odd.

Living... by herself on a lush island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately, the island gets Wi-Fi, so Jade can keep up with the friends she's made online. 

Visiting... the Land of Frost and Frogs. When all her friends start playing a new game, SBURB, Jade is naturally eager to join in – especially since she alone has an inkling of the game's true nature. Transported to another world full of mysterious creatures, Jade is eager to not only explore her new powers, but also to carry out her new duties.

Profession... self-sufficient markswoman and witch. Jade is an expert sniper thanks to her Grandpa. In SBURB, Jade acts as the Witch of Space and has the power to manipulate objects. As a Space player, Jade is also in charge of breeding frogs, and while she's not quite sure what the frogs are for, Jade knows they are instrumental to winning SBURB.

Interests... gardening, nuclear physics, and animals. With no friends and no school nearby, Jade has a lot of time to pursue her hobbies and explore the island.  And luckily for Jade, her grandfather's island is full of mysteries to uncover.

Relationship Status... single. Living on a deserted island with only a supernatural dog for company, romance is a bit hard to get by, but that's all right. Jade has her friends to talk to. When she meets the mysterious troll players while playing SBURB, she has a couple of suitors begin to vie for her attention. 

Challenge... breeding frogs while surviving SBURB. With many monsters intent on attacking her, the task is harder than it sounds – and it's about to get harder. But despite the challenges, Jade refuses to give up. 

Personality... kind and loyal. For a girl who grew up with barely any human contact, Jade’s amazingly good at this friendship thing. Whether it’s joking with her friends or risking her life for them, Jade is a team player, always ready to cheer others up. Even when possessed by an evil alien empress, Jade is remarkably supportive. She reassures hostages, with gems like, "Once i was even more of a dork than you, but now i am one of the most powerful beings who ever existed.” She’s relentlessly optimistic, caring, and tenacious. Sure, Jade might not be the best at reading social cues (she did grow up on an island by herself), but her bravery and selflessness means she’s a wonderful friend to have. The next time life hits a snag, remember her words: “There is still something worth fighting for!”


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