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Jacy Farrow

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About Her

Grew Up… in little Thalia, Texas, but she’s obviously destined for “greater” things. Her childhood here in a small town has made her a local legend: a big fish in a small pond.

Living… with her mother Lois Farrow. Their relationship is somewhat strained, even though – or maybe because – they seem to be attracted to the same men. They bond on their various similarities, but Jacy can’t stand how her mother tries to control so many aspects of her life. Jacy would rather just figure everything out on her own.

Profession... high school senior. But pretty soon school will be just one more thing she’ll leave behind for good.

Interests… boys. Jacy needs attention every moment of every day and won’t stop until she gets it. She loves playing with the hearts of the young high school boys. If she’s the talk of the town, she’s won, even if it means people are talking about what a spoiled brat she is.

Relationship Status… dating around. Once Jacy discovers sex, she moves on from her high school boyfriend Duane and searches for more mature sexual partners. She even ends up with sensitive peer Sonny Crawford for a while, but it becomes obvious that she’s only with him to make some kind of statement to her mother, and the entire town.

Challenge… growing up. At heart, Jacy is as lost and scared as anyone else. 

Personality… a self-absorbed flirt, but also as vulnerable as the next Thalia girl. She’s trying to discover herself in the only way she knows how: in the reflected attention of others. It definitely gets her into a lot of trouble, but trouble is something Jacy basks in, because more drama means more notoriety. Sadly, she equates that with self-worth.

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