Jacqueline de Bellefort

Jacqueline de Bellefort

    Death on the Nile

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in the 1930s. She’s currently aboard the luxurious S. S. Karnak on a journey through the Nile. 

Profession… unknown.  Jackie doesn’t seem to hold a formal occupation, and she is (allegedly) broke.  

Interests… dressing beyond her means and drinking champagne.

Relationship Status… newly single.  Her ex-fiancé Simon Doyle left her for her childhood friend, golden girl Linnet Ridgeway. Jackie has been second best to Linnet Ridgeway ever since they met in school.  After the love of her life breaks off their engagement to marry Linnet, Jackie finds herself resenting her former friend with every fiber of her being. For obvious reasons, Jackie wasn’t invited to their Egyptian wedding and journey through the Nile. But nothing stops Jackie from going after what she wants.

Challenge… overcoming her jealousy and moving on from her breakup.  It was certainly brutal, but there comes a point where it’s necessary to let things go.  

Personality… distraught, passionate, and incredibly clever.  Unfortunately, her emotions often seem to cloud her judgment.  Jackie slides a pistol out of her purse and tells Detective Poirot: “There’s a reason the heart is the organ given to love, you know.  If it stops to rest, we die.  And I won’t die alone, you can be sure of that.”


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