Jacob Black

Jacob Black

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… on the Quileute tribe’s La Push reservation in Washington state. Jacob grew up with his mother, father, and two sisters. Unfortunately, his mother died when he was nine, and his sisters moved away, so now it’s just him and his dad.

Living… on the reservation, where he also attends school. Jacob isn’t a stranger to neighboring town Forks, though. His dad and the Forks sheriff, Charlie Swan, are friends, and Jacob used to play with the sheriff's daughter, Bella, when they were younger. Still, he spends most of his time hanging out on the reservation with his friends there.

Profession… student. His dad seems to think that it’s Jacob’s job to warn Bella to stay away from the Cullens, though. Jacob's a bit more awkward about it, telling Bella, “He said to tell you, no, to warn you, that — and this is his plural, not mine, ‘We’ll be watching.’ ”

Interests… fixing up old motorcycles and cars. Jacob has a knack for machinery: he sells Bella a car he rehabbed, and later on he makes her a motorcycle.

Relationship Status… crushing on Bella, although she seems to see them as nothing more than old friends.

Challenge… getting closer to Bella despite his dad’s cryptic warnings about the Cullens, who have taken her in. Some of his friends have also been acting weird lately, disappearing at odd times and acting secretive. Jacob doesn’t believe in any kind of superstitious stuff, but something is definitely going on.

Personality…friendly, carefree, and childish. Jacob is very much a young teenager: shy around girls, rebellious with his friends, and uncertain about who he wants to be. His outgoing personality is charming, even if he isn’t always very poised.


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