Jackson Healy
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Jackson Healy

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About Him

Living… in Los Angeles, circa 1977. He lives alone, in a small apartment. Healy once told his partner, Holland, in reference to his apartment, “I like where I live.”

Profession… an “enforcer,” someone who is hired to ward off “bad guys.” It is not an official job, but Healy makes money by beating up perverts, stalkers or anybody else the client deems up to no good. Healy meets his partner, Holland March, an alcoholic Private Eye, when a girl named Amelia hires him to get rid of Holland, who has been asking questions about her. 

Interests… very little. His job leaves little time for hobbies. He does, however, have a fish tank in his apartment that he maintains himself.

Relationship Status… single, and happy that way. He sees himself as a loner, he doesn’t feel the need to develop any relationships… that is, until he meets his friend and partner, Holland March and his preteen daughter Holly. 

Challenge… finding Amelia, a girl in hiding, being pursued by dangerous thugs due to her involvement in an experimental film. Healy and Holland March initially are only looking to protect Amelia from the bad guys. But soon, they discover there may be a hidden story that is larger than they expected…

Personality… tough, no-nonsense, and honorable. Healy is a badass who will snap people’s bones in a heartbeat. But although at first he comes across as a loner/bad guy, he is actually a sensitive, genuinely good man, who is only working as hard as he can to bring justice to those in the wrong. Healy cares a great deal about other people. As he says to Holland when Amelia is in trouble, “She’s in danger, man! We have to do something about it!” His whole life, he has never felt needed, and now he just wants to feel important and valued. Healy is a well-meaning, caring person...  exactly the kind of guy you would want on your side.

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