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Grew Up... in squalor. Jacket’s past is pretty sketchy, but based on his disheveled apartment, full of cocaine and old junk food, it seems safe to say he wasn’t going places.

Living... in Miami. Jacket lives in a neon, drug-fueled version of Miami full of pumping techno music and crawling with thugs and gangsters. So it’s Florida, basically. 

Profession... hitman. After receiving a series of cryptic, upsetting messages on his answering machine, Jacket hops in his DeLorean and begins targeting whomever the voices tell him need to be killed. Usually it’s an entire room of people.

Interests... murder. Jacket’s missions tend to have him taking on mobs of armed targets. So to get away unscathed, he takes pleasure in murdering them all as stealthily, effectively, and brutally as possible, typically while wearing an animal mask.

Relationship Status... in a relationship, somehow. While Jacket’s living conditions definitely scream bachelor pad – he even forgot to buy a toilet – after bringing home and nursing a drug-addicted hooker back to health, the two seem to start a vague relationship.

Challenge... not following instructions blindly. Others whom are told by the voices to kill people typically want to know why. They want to know if there’s a point behind what they are doing; they want answers. But not Jacket. He just does what he is told, no questions asked.                         

Personality... cold-blooded. Although the shock of his first murder did shake him, after that Jacket becomes a cold, robotic assassin. He is a virtual – well, an “actual” – killing machine. 

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