Jack Walsh
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Jack Walsh

Midnight Run

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Living… alone in Los Angeles. Professionally he deals mostly with lowlifes, and he doesn’t really have much of a personal life, period. This definitely isn’t the way Jack wanted his life to turn out. But maybe if he can make one last big score, he can salvage things yet.

Profession… bounty hunter for a bail bondsman. Years ago Jack used to be a cop in Chicago, but that ended for reasons that he’d really, really rather not discuss. Right now he’s doing whatever he can to get Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas back to Los Angeles. The Duke is an accountant who embezzled $15 million from mafia kingpin Jimmy Serrano. A bail bondsman Jack works for, Eddie Moscone, put up the bond for Mardukas without realizing who he was – and that Serrano’s people intend to vaporize him from the planet. Jack took the job on the condition that Eddie agree to pay him $100K if Jack delivers The Duke in one piece to L.A. within five days.

Interests… opening a nice little coffeeshop. Jack can almost taste the $100K payoff, which will enable him to quit the rather miserable bounty-hunting business. But Mardukas, who is after all an accountant, volunteers that starting a restaurant is a very tricky investment and something he would advise against. It’s around that time that Jack first contemplates sticking The Duke’s head in a toilet.

Relationship Status… nonexistent. Jack has an ex-wife and daughter living in Chicago, but he hasn’t seen either one of them in nine years. His ex-wife got married to a police captain, and let’s just say Jack’s not very popular with the Chicago Police Department. The Duke is dying to know why, but Jack usually dodges his questions with what Mardukas (rather accurately) depicts as Jack’s two dominant states: silence and rage.

Challenge… bringing The Duke back safely back to L.A. to collect his money while simultaneously reconciling with his complicated past. Jimmy Serrano wants the Duke dead, and he and his goons have no problem killing Jack too. FBI agent Alonzo Mosely also wants Mardukas, to potentially testify against Serrano in federal court – but if Jack hands him to the Feds he won’t collect his $100K from Eddie. Then it turns out that Jack and Serrano have a shared history that is coming home to roost. On top of it all, Jack and the Duke are driving each other crazy while on the run from both Serrano’s killers and the FBI. Let’s just say, Jack has his hands full this week.

Personality… honorable, but cynical and bitter. Jack is a guy who tried to do the right thing years ago, and somehow it only seemed to ruin his life. He reacted by essentially cutting off other people and trying to make it alone in the world. That hasn’t worked out too well for him. But the fact that this assignment to bring back The Duke is forcing him to face the skeletons from his past may be the best thing that ever happened to him – unless it gets him killed first.

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