Jack Tripper
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Jack Tripper

Three's Company

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Living… with his two roommates, Janet and Chrissy, in sunny California. Of course, their landlord Mr. Roper would never approve of a co-ed living situation – it’s only the late ‘70s, for heaven’s sake. So Jack and his roommates tell Mr. Roper that Jack is gay. Mrs. Roper figures it out fairly quickly, but Mr. Roper is quite a bit thicker.

Profession… culinary student.Jack used to be in the Navy, but now he hopes to one day open his own restaurant. He says, “I’m hoping to open a little restaurant for people who can really appreciate high prices.”

Interests… cooking, boxing, and getting himself out of a seemingly never-ending series of farcical hijinks.

Relationship Status… single. It’s tough to date openly when it’s important for your downstairs neighbor (and landlord) to think you’re gay. But Jack can be a ladies’ man when Mr. Roper is out of sight, especially at his favorite hangout, The Regal Beagle.

Challenge… avoiding eviction from his sweet $300/month apartment. The Ropers are sexually frustrated and want everyone else in their building to be just as unhappy as they are. (At least, Mr. Roper seems to.) Unfortunately for Jack, innuendo is like a second language in his apartment, which leads to constant misunderstandings. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for a great pad in Santa Monica. 

Personality… caring, quick-thinking, and clumsy. Jack is constantly falling down, usually while rushing around to make sure his latest scheme goes off without a hitch. He’s a people-pleaser who works hard to make everyone around him happy – especially Janet and Chrissy, who were nice enough to take him in when he was strapped for cash.

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